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Annual Bonus Prize Draw 2019 Email Reviews

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I have already seen a similar site on the Internet. The same prizes and the same author, only the action was called differently. Now I don’t remember exactly what the action was. The fact is obvious and this is beyond doubt. And the last action and this one are the twin brothers and these actions are scammers. This is what will be discussed in this review.

Bonus Email 2019 review.

The annual prize draw of Bonus E-mail 2019 is a scam, a scam, cheating people, scamming them for a lot of money and fraud on an especially large scale. Here no one pays anyone, as the site is fraudulent. And so on the site, I see that the annual international drawing of prizes for email users is conducted by a certain International Association of Electronic Mail Providers EMX. I’m trying to check this organization in search engines and surprisingly I can’t find it. There is no such education and never has been. This is the first blunder of a scammer. But the scammers came up with cool prizes. It is on them that people peck. In short, according to what the author wrote on the site, everyone can win one of 3 BMB cars, one of more than three hundred Apple computers and mobile devices, or one of more than 10,000 cash prizes ranging from $ 100 to $ 40,000. But all this is complete bullshit and it is very easy to prove. Everything else written on the site is not worth a damn. I go down to the bottom of the site and find the agreement, which the author laid out in a very small and faded font. Few people notice it on the site, but after starting to use the site, everyone automatically signs it. Therefore, I will make small excerpts from it.

“A product is a business quest – a game, hereinafter referred to as a“ product. ”The goal is to go through all the levels and receive a gift at the end. Starting to use the product, namely, clicking on the“ Create an account with one click ”button confirms the user's accession to this agreement. ”

And then there is a decryption of all this. And the author clearly and definitely makes it clear that he does not pay money to anyone, since this is not a website for making money, but a gaming site. I read on and bring it verbatim.

“The use of the product is made by the user exclusively independently and on an“ as is ”basis, that is, the administration is not liable to the user under any circumstances for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential damage, loss of profit, damage to reputation or other damage that may to be with the user in connection with the use of the product or the inability to use it. The user agrees that the product is a game and all references to income are fictitious, being part of the game process, which in no way equate to real money, do not promise and do not guarantee that the user receives in real life the money mentioned during the passage of the game funds. Starting to use the product, the user understands and accepts the fact that he participates in the game process, only imitating property relations and guarantees that no claims of property or other nature will be brought against him in relation to the administration. ”

In short, the game is before us and here no one pays anything, but you will have to pay, and pay a lot. All this further I will show in detail and tell.

Bonus Email 2019 reviews.

Reviews on this site are useless to read. All of them were written by the author of a scam and this is beyond doubt. To make sure of this, it is enough to carefully read all the texts of the reviews. And they are written all in one style, and the author uses expressions that are not very used by people in speech. That is, everything is clear here. All texts are written by one person and this is the author of a scam. Therefore, all the reviews on the site are fake and can not be trusted. That is, everything that is written in the reviews is complete nonsense. Since this is a game, people here could not get any money, and accordingly there should not be a single positive review on the site.

Website https://vator.xyz/

Do not forget that scammers are on the alert and often change website addresses and company names. Therefore, remember the characters and cabinets, so that later, all this could be determined. The main thing is attentiveness.

On his website, the author will assure everyone that the prize draw has been held since 2010. And when registering a domain, the author tried to hide all the data about himself and even the date of registration of the site by connecting the privacy settings. But you can’t hide the sew in the bag. The domain was registered by the author on a private person and it was under this scam on the hosting of CloudFlare, Inc. – United States, California, San Francisco at IP address At the hosting provider, he managed to hide all the data, but he did not take into account the most important thing. And these are search engines that register all sites on the very day when they appear on the Internet, that is, they become visible to search robots. Having looked at everything in the search engines, I see that search robots first saw and indexed the site only yesterday, namely July 10, 2019, and on that very day the author put the site up for sale on the fraudulent e-pay.grop service.

Bonus Email 2019 divorce and fraud.

I’ll try to get money here, though, and I’m sure that no one will do this. That is, there is no money on this site, and never will be. There is no registration on the site, which is yet another proof of the liceiness of this site. To begin with, I am asked to answer a few questions. This is not a problem and in 20 seconds, I answer 3 questions. My answers are of no interest to anyone, and therefore everything is done by the author only to convince everyone that some processes are taking place on the site. Nothing really happens here. Everything is very simple and transparent. It beautifully redirects me from one page of a site to another, simulating the site’s performance. But everyone will see exactly the same pictures and amounts of money as I do. And so, they give me three attempts to get a prize or money. Whatever combinations you choose, your prize will be permanent. The first attempt will bring $ 50, the second – $ 24 000 and the third – $ 800. And so, after three attempts, my prize was $ 24 850, but this is virtual money and the fraudster simply drew them. In fact, there is no money here, and no one pays them to anyone. And here it begins to divorce me for money. I am offered to make a check-off in the amount of $ 50. What is it, no one knows. Such a payment on the Internet simply does not exist, and offline too. But I still try to produce it, and it redirects me nicely to the e-pay.group service payment system, where I have to pay this money not to the International Association of Electronic Mail Providers EMX, but to pay it to the fraudster and his account, on this fraudulent service. And this is only the first payment, since this is a game and there are a lot of levels in it. Everything else I will show a little lower.

Bonus E-mail 2019 scam does not pay.

The annual prize draw Bonus E-mail 2019 was invented, created and promoted by a fraudster on a fraudulent service. But he removed his nickname from the service. I did a lot of reviews on the scam of its production, but this is not important now. This site appeared in sales only yesterday and in a day 11 084 people managed to visit it and 17 people believed the fraudster, having decided to earn extra money in this way and thanks to these people, the fraudster was enriched by 21 455 rubles. And this is just the beginning. But then everything is predicted. If a person pays the first payment, then instead of money, he simply goes to another level, that is, continues to pay. The author called all his services a service payment, that is, on the site there are 11 additional payments for non-existent services, and all of them are called service payments. In short, on this site you will have to pay 11 payments in this sequence of $ 35, 44, 36, 41.99, 44.99, 48.99, 52, 57.99, 64.99, 79 and 88. All this money goes to the accounts of the fraudster, his service partners and the service admin. These are exactly the people who can withdraw money from this fraudulent service. Everyone else, instead of the promised cash prize, gets a huge cookie under his nose and a headache. But one must be offended only by oneself. Nobody forces you to pay anything here. You will pay voluntarily, but the fact that you do not read anything in the pursuit of easy and unearned money is the problem of people. More details can be seen in the screenshots.

Findings. The annual prize draw of Bonus E-mail 2019 is a scam, a scam, cheating people, scamming them for a lot of money and fraud on an especially large scale. I showed you everything in great detail during the review process and I think that I convinced you not to take the fatal step and start trying to make money in this way. Everything else is up to you. Close the site and leave it forever. The pursuit of easy money has not led anyone to good.

If you have the desire and time, then support the site by clicking on Google ads located directly on the site. Thanks to this, the site will have the opportunity to develop further and continue to save people from scammers and crooks of all stripes. We always work for people.

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  1. idont khnow what iwill doing forthe prize of email 2019 24850 please,whrite me by arabic thank you.

  2. I have also tried it the website, although I was sceptical but realised this is a scam. In their website there are no contact details for telephone to speak to a real human being the page is fake. please guys dont fall into trap. I deposited R500 which  not a lot and it the system kept on asking for more and more transfer payment. That is a clear indication of a scam. Good people run away, its all set up online very professionally

  3. Dear Sir/ Madam


    I'm JAMES KWABENA ASAAH from Michel Camp- Ghana,I made a particular payment with regards to my Visa card online I demand a reversal as soon as possible.However, the name on the Visa card was JAMES KWABENA ASAAH,the debit was amounting to$35.00 and I need a reversal now.Counting on your corporation and thanks as you comply soonest.


  4. Dear sir/Madam


    I'm JAMES KWABENA ASAAH from Michel Camp-Ghana and I actually made a debit with regards to my Visa card online and I demand a reversal of the exact amount thus$35.00 on the same Visa card  on 18/08/19.The name on the card was JAMES KWABENA ASAAH,please I demand a reversal or refund as soon as possible.Counting on your corporation and thanks again as you comply soonest.


  5. Thanks a lot for this exposure. I almost fell victim but later retrace my steps. I actually suspected they would deduct money fromy account. So, I decided to empty my account before proceeding to paying charges. I was also sceptical since this did not come to me via google but just to my phone. For those who have ears, a word is enough for the wise. Thank u for job well done. ANTHONY

  6. Thank you for saving me. I was told I have won an amount of $21075. But I before I could withraw the money, I have to pay $35 . Because did not have a debit card , an option. Was given to pay via mobile money wallet or creat a virtual debit card . I decided to cross check with Google before the transaction . Love and behold, your eye opener article appeared . God richly bless you. 



  7. Thank god i won 21075 they asked me to pay 35 but i cross check on website i found your review u saved me my hard earning money thanks a lot 

  8. this is totally a scam. Before starting the further processes i search its reality on google and find your article and after read it everything was clear. Thanks for helping the people including me

  9. I have  also  lost  my 16500  rupees  in  this  scam  today  please  try  to  refund  it

    • ADMIN_TEEM_Игорь

      Alas, this is almost impossible to do. If you lived in Russia, I could still help something. But for foreigners, the sounds of Russia are not available, and the fraudster is from Russia.

  10. Thank for saving many viewers who will become victims by them actually I have a doubt so I keep searching finding out if this is real 

    I tried to write on their email below but it say it wouldn't exist

    Thanks God 

  11. Manoj kumar meena

    I loss my money how to get can help me

    • ADMIN_TEEM_Игорь

      You will not be able to return the money. This is a Russian service, and there everything is returned practically unreal. But read the article, but first translate it into English and maybe it will help you. https://stoplohotron.com/mozhno-li-vernut-dengi-esli-perevyol-ix-moshennikam/

  12. Just today i recieved this s bonus mail,out of curiosity, i did play and won 21,000$,but first need to pay 29 something $ so that they can transfer the money to my wallet..its so good to be true,specially in my country thats a lot of money.well thank u so much for exposing this site,ur saving us from this scammer..good job and God bless

  13. Just today i recieved this s bonus mail, out of curiosity, i did play and won 21,000 $, but first need to pay 29 something $ so that they can transfer the money to my wallet..its so good to be true, specially in my country thats a lot of money.well thank u so much for exposing this site, ur saving us from this scammer..good job and God bless

  14. How is it then, few people are posting it as they won

  15. Thanks God I read this article before filling out the payment details! I found a lot of things in the website very suspicious. Glad I checked if it is legit.

    Thanks for this article! you've saved us greatly

  16. King Vorovok (nick Name)

    I am so much convinced the first time i saw the said bonus mail, I won about $ 21,070

    then the thing make me confused was the lacked of contact details and only his account number was stated there, then asking me to pay $ 29.40 for the transaction fees,

    thank you for this site so i have confirmed that it was a scam.

    That asshole should go to jail, for he could have more victim  

  17. Samuel Iwanski

    Hello! I just want to supply a enormous thumbs up for the excellent information you’ve here on this post. I am coming back to your blog for much more soon.

  18. Yolande Paulk

    I never usually post on blogs but I have found this is very useful work.

  19. Thank you so much sir! I am enlightened. It's such a big help. Thank you for saving us. Thank you for your effort. God bless you more!

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