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Browzer-Trtophy Cash Bonus 2019 Reviews

Again I meet a scam produced by a rather well-known con man in certain circles who has long been working on a fraudulent service e-pay.group. Thanks to scam, this scammer has become a millionaire and successfully continues to do his dirty business of taking money from the people. This time he came up with an annual competition between browser users for cash prizes from 50,000 to 200,000 rubles. It was this scam that became the hero of this review. Therefore, read it carefully and do not fall into the bait of a swindler.

Browzer-Trtophy Review.

Browzer-Trtophy Cash Bonus 2019 is a brazen scam, a scam, cheating people, scamming them for a lot of money and fraud on an especially large scale. Everything is clear here from the very beginning. Browsers are competitors on the Internet and therefore, there can be no association between them. From the very beginning, the author was pierced. And then the description is standard. I am warned that I am an active user of the Chrome browser and therefore the system has identified me as a candidate for the award. And now I need to take only one step and the system will determine the prize for me. Everyone who appears on this site will be winners and this is not surprising. Here the scammer pays no money to anyone. His goal is to get money from people. The essence of this site is disclosed in the agreement. And its author laid out at the very bottom of the site and printed in small and faded letters. But after starting to use the site, each agreement is signed automatically. Therefore, read excerpts from it.

“All statements and examples on the site regarding the increase, generation of income or profits already posted or which will be posted on this resource (hereinafter the Sites) are just assumptions about upcoming or current earnings, incomes, therefore they are not a guarantee of their receipt. If you consider the expected profits or increase in future income to be guaranteed, then you also assume all the risks of not receiving them.

All our products and services are created for educational and familiarization purposes, so you need to use them carefully, with precautions and drawing on the experience of professionals – mentors or trainers.

This document states that you give your consent to the fact that the site (service) is not responsible for the decisions you made about the income, profits, business methods, products of the training center, services provided or other materials that are placed on this site: text, audio and video information. "

I think that everything is clear to everyone. The site was created for educational purposes and here the con man teaches people how to part with money beautifully. He himself does not pay anyone. And he beautifully shifts all responsibility to people.

Browzer-Trtophy reviews.

Reviews are generally useless to read. All of them are laid out with a photograph, that is, before they got to this site they went through a photo montage. And here everything is predictable. The author simply stole photos of people on social networks, came up with these people names and surnames, wrote texts for them and mounted them all in the form of reviews on his website. This is easy to verify by simply trying to leave your review. Immediately after updating the page, my review disappeared. That is, it is impossible to leave a review on the site. Therefore, all reviews on this site are fake. That is, they were written by the author of a scam, and not by real people. And the people here are dummies and they do not know a dream about this site, and moreover they could not get anything here.

Website https://dirham.ga

Do not forget that scammers are on the alert and often change website addresses and company names. Therefore, remember the characters and cabinets, so that later, all this could be determined. The main thing is attentiveness.

Like the entire site, the domain was registered at the very last moment. And although the author applied the privacy settings when registering, hiding the date of registration of the site and all the information about himself, the domain was registered to a private person. And then everything is standard. The domain is registered specifically for this scam hosted by Avguro Technologies Ltd. Hosting service provider – Russia, Moscow at IP address But no matter how the fraudster hid everything, search engines cannot be deceived. And search robots saw and indexed the site yesterday, that is, September 11, 2019, and it was yesterday that the author put it up for sale on the fraudulent service e-pay.group. And this is a payment acceptance service and in terms of its functionality, it cannot make any payments. That is, at this stage everything becomes clear. Here no one pays anyone any money and all this, I will show a little lower.




Browzer-Trtophy divorce and fraud.

I'm trying to get money here. There is no registration on the site and this should already alert everyone. To begin with, I am asked to fill out a questionnaire. I do not fill it in, but send it empty. But for a fraudster everything goes like that. Why would he need my data if he is not going to pay me anything. I answer, without hesitating to 4 stupid questions, and they offer me to choose one of 4 caskets. There is no need to think about it, as the result will always be the same for everyone. In the first box I got a prize of $ 2,350. I open the box again and I get a prize of $ 6,530. At the third opening of the box, the prize is $ 270. But at the fourth opening, the amount is $ 8,250. That is, in total, my winnings amounted to $ 17,400. But this is virtual money, that is, the fraudster simply draws it to everyone. And hereafter, a divorce begins specifically for me for money. I am trying to get this money and they tell me that in order to receive money I have to make a one-time payment in the amount of $ 16. I try to go further and me, beautifully redirects to the payment system of the fraudulent service e-pay.group, where I have to transfer this money to the account of the fraudster on this service. And this is only the beginning of a big divorce of me for money, since the fraudster provided for 11 payments for non-existent services. I will show all this a little below.




Browzer-Trtophy scam does not pay.

Browzer-Trtophy Cash Bonus 2019 was invented, created and promoted on a fraudulent service by a scam who has been working here for a long time under the pseudonym SVEGAK or Only Hits. This fraudster has already released a lot of scams and thanks to them he has divorced people into millions of rubles.  

The same scam is not even a day old, but it is already actively being promoted. During this time, the site was visited by 9,498 people and 20 people fell into the scammer’s bait, simply voluntarily giving him 15,656 rubles. And this is just the beginning. And events will continue to develop according to a scenario pre-planned by the author. After the first payment, no one will receive any money. Instead, they will have to pay further, but already, much larger amounts. For this, the author came up with additional services and their 11. That is, on this site you have to pay: ONE-TIME PAYMENT-16 $, REGISTRATION OF MONEY PRIZE-39.8 $, PAYMENT 0.08% FOR TRANSFER-139.3 $, PAY TAX-995 $, Pay insurance premium-53.73 $, Connection of a personal payline-69.65 $, Certify the translation with an electronic signature-79.6 $, Order manual deposit of money-55.72 $, Get Form – Report-35.82 $, Pay for a translation service-79.6 $ and Pay for service Quick Money-199 $. But all these payments will not lead to anything, since the author here pays nothing to anyone. But all payments from people are beautifully deposited on the accounts of the author, his service partners and the service admin. All this can be more beautifully seen in the screenshots.






Findings. Browzer-Trtophy Cash Bonus 2019 is a brazen scam, a scam, cheating people, scamming them for a lot of money and fraud on an especially large scale. I think that I managed to convince you not to spend your money and not give them to scammers, since no payments are shining on this site. Behind this site is one person and he is a fraudster.

It may already be enough to look for manna from heaven. If you want to learn how to make money in proven products, there is everything for this. You only need your desire to start, and you will learn everything. All in your hands. Testing courses we continue. Go and see work courses in proven products.

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