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Cloud Token financial pyramid review and reviews

Today I’m trying to open my eyes to the next investment project, which offers us profitable to invest in supposedly promising cryptocurrency and make money on it. But all this is complete bullshit, since this cryptocurrency is not worth a penny and it was created only to raise people for money.

The essence of this project is understandable and it consists in the fact that the project is a banal financial pyramid. And here, the creators use all the classics of the hype genre, creating a beautiful legend and inviting people to invest their money. But all these legends are already quite familiar. There are no traders who will earn you money. There is a banal redistribution of funds within the pyramid, where interest on deposits to investors is accrued exclusively at the expense of the money of new investors.

Although Cloud Token cannot be considered a low-quality project, I haven’t noticed anything extraordinary in it either. That is, this project will exist only as long as it receives more money from new investors than they pay on deposits. And then SCAM with the loss of all money by investors.

Cloud Token Review.

Website https://www.cloudtokenwallet.com/

From the very beginning, they tried to convince me that Cloud Token is the first social security wallet in the world that combines all cryptographic assets of the blockchain into one platform. In fact, Cloud Token is a commonplace scam, a financial pyramid scheme, a hype, a scam, cheating people, scamming them for a lot of money and fraud on an especially large scale.

There is nothing outstanding on the site, although the description is pretty voluminous. But the description contains more water than truth. The site itself is primitive and laid out in two languages, Chinese and English. And this is not surprising, because the project is Chinese. It's hard to read everything on the site, as Google translator gives out masterpieces. But I do not recommend even doing this, because you will not find anything valuable on the site. The whole point of the project can be described briefly, in a few words. You must install the application on your smartphone and you have two ways to earn money. This is the storage of service stations tokens or popular cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ether and USD in a wallet, where the profit will be small and the transfer of these tokens to trust. It is here that the project organizers promise everyone a profit of 6-12% per month. This is very small, and given that the profit is accrued in tokens of service stations, this is a drop in the bucket, since this cryptocurrency is not backed up by anything, that is, it was created exclusively for this project and has no value.

On the site there is no information on the registration of this company and, accordingly, there is no information on the availability of a license to engage in financial activities. That is, the project is legally illegal and therefore it can be covered at any time. As soon as the financial regulator turns his attention to it, you can put a big cross on the project.

The same goes for contact information. For feedback, there is only project site mail and links to social networks. And you have to contact in English or Chinese. In short, in case of any problems of the answer you are unlikely to wait, not to mention the money that no one here is going to pay anyone.

The creators of the financial pyramid registered the domain to a private person and it was under this scam. Moreover, here the creators of the pyramid have hidden everything from people, just by connecting privacy settings. But the domain is registered on a hosting. RIPE Network Coordination Center – European Union at IP address

A very beautiful picture is obtained in the end. The project is Chinese, and the site is registered in Europe. In addition, there is no information anywhere about the organizers of this scam and their contact details. That is, in the case of the SCAM project, all investor money is dissolved together with the creators and there will be nowhere to look for the truth.

Cloud Token financial pyramid scheme, scam, divorce and fraud.

And so, we came to the most important, namely earnings on the project. To begin with, they suggest me installing the project application on my smartphone and naturally investing money in a cryptocurrency wallet or buying STO tokens for cryptocurrency. But the entrance is pretty decent, I have to invest cryptocurrency or buy tokens in the amount equivalent to 50 dollars. And this is a lot. And then there are two ways to make money. The first is just to keep money in your wallet. But you won’t earn so much, since it’s not indicated anywhere what interest I will pay for storing cryptocurrencies in my wallet.

The second is already more transparent. I can transfer my cryptocurrency or service station tokens to trust. But, as I said above, there is no trust management here and cannot be. It’s just banal to me to offer my money to the creators of the financial pyramid and wait for a profit on these investments. Nobody invests this money anywhere. They simply go to pay interest to investors and into the pocket of the creators of the scam. Although they promise me that I can get my deposit back at any time, I can hardly believe it. Here I am offered a floating percentage of profits, which ranges from 8 to 12% per month. Who and how calculates this percentage is a big secret.

But that is not all. As in all similar projects, there is an affiliate program here. It’s only available for the elite, that is, it needs to be connected, and this is not easy. To connect to the software, you must put a cryptocurrency corresponding to 500 dollars on your wallet. That is, if you have a desire to invite friends and make money on this, then you should fork out pretty well.

Cloud Token reviews.

Reviews can be found different. The project even created a news site, where it prints these reviews paid or written by admins. In addition, the search engines have a lot of reviews of the project and feedback on it from referrals, who are trying by any means to attract new suckers into the project and make money quickly through them. But all these reviews and reviews can not be trusted. Therefore, I always focus on the feedback of people in investment forums. And they are very unsightly for the project. I will not stop in detail, and describe what investors in this financial pyramid are dissatisfied with. Dissatisfied with any project is enough, but not as much at the same time. Therefore, it can be argued here that this financial pyramid is a scam, with all the ensuing consequences.


Findings. Cloud Token is a commonplace scam, a financial pyramid scheme, a hype, a scam, cheating people, scamming them for a lot of money and fraud on an especially large scale. The fact that all such projects went ingloriously and together with the money of investors is no secret. But people stubbornly continue to step on the same rake. Previously, all cryptocurrency projects lived in the United States, but after the scandal with Bitconnect, the financial regulators of most US states began an implacable struggle with the financial pyramids and they moved to countries with the most loyal laws. But all these projects are opaque, and it will not be possible to find extreme projects after SCAM. Therefore, I do not recommend you investing in a project. The cryptocurrency STO is just candy wrappers and that’s it.

It may already be enough to look for manna from heaven. If you want to learn how to make money in proven products, there is everything for this. You only need your desire to start, and you will learn everything. All in your hands. Testing courses we continue. Go and see work courses in proven products.

Leave feedback, share on social networks. Only you can help save the next victims from scammers. Help, together we are strength.

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