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Global FX – real broker reviews

Preparing to write this review, as always, I carefully looked through a ton of information about the broker Global FX. After watching all the negative, I’m just shocked how people can generally trust this broker their money.

The activities of the broker company GLOBAL FX in no way can be called unambiguous. This is evidenced by real customer reviews of this organization. Studying the real opinions of customers, you can come across both positive and negative reviews, and the negative far outweighs the positive. And the presence of the latter, that is, negative reviews, indicates that this broker has serious problems with the quality of service and moral principles.

Global FX review.

Website https://global-fx.com/

Global FX broker has been officially working since 2009. As for the address of his office, at the moment only one is known. And this office is located in Hong Kong at Grand Millennium Plaza, 181 Queen’s Road Central, 7 / F, Low Block. The site is registered on PlusServer AG hosting – Germany, Hert Rainl. But here the group of companies is registered in the offshore zone at Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. All this can be found on the broker's official website.

“Global FX International LTD with registration number 23597 and registered address Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Center, Beachmont, P.O. Box 1510, Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Notableprofit Unipessoal LDA with registration number 5514455349 and registered address Ua Joaquim Antonio de Aguiar N 43 1 Esq Lisboa".

I read on the site that “Global FX is an international Forex broker with headquarters in Canada. In addition, the company is represented in the USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Cyprus and Russia.

Global FX uses STP (straight-through processing) technology, when customers' applications for purchase and sale go without the intervention of intermediaries – directly to the market. Our income is a percentage of your transactions. Therefore, we are directly interested in a long-term partnership. "

Reviews of global-fx.com say that the broker has offices in Canada, Russia, Singapore and the United States. Which is very strange. After all, he does not work with citizens of the United States and Canada. Then why do you need offices in these countries? The answer to this question is very predictable. This is all done to increase the credibility of the broker in the eyes of traders. In fact, all these offices are fake.

In addition, on the broker's website, you can see a lot of awards that this broker supposedly has. But these rewards are doubtful. See feedback on these rewards from a real broker client. And I believe him more than a broker.


Who actually regulates this broker is not clear to anyone. There is no intelligible information on the broker's website that can give an answer to this question. But on third-party resources there is a mention of CySEC and CROFR. But it is with this and big problems. I open the CROFR website and find the Global FX broker in the black list there. And this is a serious accusation. And the reason for getting into this list is banal. The broker simply forged the license of this organization. Then, if a broker has the imprudence to deceive people with the presence of his TSROFR license, then this indicates that the broker is an ordinary fraudster. In short, the broker’s license is fake, that is, this broker is not entitled to engage in this type of activity in Russia. And to be more precise, in case of problems you can assume that your money was crying, because you are not going to sue the broker at the place of registration of the company. This is also indicated by the client agreement, which every trader signs without reading. Here is an excerpt from this agreement.

“The client unconditionally:

4.1.1 recognizes that this Agreement is governed by the legislation at the place of registration of the Company and acts containing international law specified in the Agreement and to the extent provided for in this Agreement. ”

Global FX real broker or scam and divorce?

The GLOBAL FX broker provides the opportunity to conduct transactions with currency pairs, CFDs on stocks, indices, precious metals, raw materials and cryptocurrencies.



In addition, GlobalFX provides its customers a wide range of trading tools. First of all, in the broker's arsenal it is worth noting the possibility of trading in the currency and stock markets. The company provides the opportunity to use as trading instruments about fifty currency pairs with a minimum spread. Traders who work in the securities market are given the opportunity to trade in shares of all well-known companies, from Apple to the New York Times.

A broker may be of interest to traders trading in the markets of indices, raw materials, metals and even cryptocurrencies. Global FX provides the ability to trade cryptocurrencies BitCoin, Ethereum, ZCash, etc.

Trading platforms.

The activities of the clients of this broker are carried out on 4 trading platforms:

  • MetaTrader 5;
  • cTrader;
  • cMirror;
  • cAlgo;

I will not describe all the pros and cons of working on these platforms, since I did not do their detailed analysis. This makes no sense. This review is not about working on the broker's website, but about the problems that people have with working with this broker.

Global FX reviews.

I do not advise you to read the reviews on the broker's website and its specialized resources, since they are all identical, that is, custom-made. In addition, and on many review sites, thanks to strict censorship, one can find one positive about the broker. But there are sites that are ready to show all the reviews. Therefore, it is precisely on such sites that it is worth orienting oneself. And there you can find both positive and negative reviews about this broker.

According to customer reviews, the main advantages of this broker are:

  • convenient site;
  • floating spread;
  • technical analysis service with Autochartist.

There are also some disadvantages. For example, Global FX is well known to people on the Internet precisely for its employee intrusiveness and their often inappropriate behavior. In their reviews, the clients of this company pointed to overly intrusive managers who constantly call and offer new services, and often this obsession turns into rudeness and threats. Although almost all well-known brokerage companies are engaged in this, this broker is especially distinguished.

An even more serious problem is the delay or inability to withdraw funds. Some traders complain that Global FX does not withdraw funds at all, although others reasonably say that there are no problems with this.

  • And so, the main positions of the broker traders identified the following positions:
  • Lack of license.
  • Problems with the withdrawal of money or the complete impossibility of withdrawal.
  • Unprofitable transactions, which leads to a drain of the deposit.

The obsession of broker managers.
But best of all, traders themselves can tell about the broker. Therefore, read the selection of reviews about the broker Global FX.



The Global FX broker is more like a scam, scam, and fraud than a real broker. I did not try to conduct a full investigation of the broker, but limited myself to a partial analysis of information about him. But this was enough to form an opinion about this broker and it is negative. Therefore, I would not advise anyone to even try to collaborate with Global FX.

But one blog prompted me to write this review, where a woman posted information about two scam managers of this broker. After reading this article, I was shocked by how beautifully dealers from Global FX divorced a client for a large amount of money. I can not post the whole article, since it is very large and there is no point in retelling everything. I found everything told in it in negative reviews on this broker, and therefore you can read this entire article from the link. http://global-fx.info/

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