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Money Compensation Scam Reviews

Once on this site, all people get the impression that you are on a foreign service and here you obviously will not be divorced for money. In fact, this is a Russian-language site where the author simply translated the text through English through Google into English. Thus, the author is trying to veil his scam under the English-language service. It is about all this that will be discussed in this review.

Money Compensation Review.

Money Compensation is a commonplace scam, a scam, cheating people, scamming them for big money and fraud on an especially large scale. It’s enough to connect a translator and you can see everything in perfect Russian. As with all such sites, they immediately inform me that I participated in a survey and did not receive a monetary reward. And it is this service that will help me get my money. Text on the site does not mean anything. I see only repeated repetition of the same text, which does not carry any semantic load, that is, is idle talk. The essence of this entire site can be read in the disclaimer, the link to which is inactive, that is, the document simply does not exist. In short, the site is raw, that is, the author practically did not work on it. On the first page, nothing more interesting is observed and therefore, I will end its consideration with reviews, of which the author has posted a lot.

Money Compensation reviews.

Reviews are also posted in English. Only here, the author clearly overdid it, posting reviews of Russian-speaking people in English. In addition, all reviews were written by males, and the author stuck female photographs, which is proof of forgery. That is, real people did not write these reviews and they were all written by the author of a scam, that is, fake. But that is not all. I check photos of people who the author posted reviews on Yandex pictures in his lies and see another forgery. These photos are simply taken from other scam and using Photoshop are inserted into the reviews on the site. There is nothing to talk about further. All reviews on this site are written by the author and people on them are fake.

Website https://mimuz.xyz/index.html

Do not forget that scammers are on the alert and often change website addresses and company names. Therefore, remember the characters and cabinets, so that later, all this could be determined. The main thing is attentiveness.

It was not possible to find when and where the domain was registered, as this domain was not indexed by search robots. But here is the date of its appearance on the fraudulent service e-pay.group on 09/04/2019, that is, the site is only a little more than a day old. And the fact that it is put up for sale on this service says a lot. After all, this is a payment acceptance service and here no one pays any money to anyone. That is, there can be no question of any compensation, since other payment systems on this site are not connected. And the payment system of this service has no right to make payments. Therefore, it is already possible to draw an unambiguous conclusion. Before us is a fraudulent service and here no one pays anyone any money. But people have to pay a lot. I will show all this a little further.

Money Compensation Divorce and Fraud.

I am trying to get money here, although this is all unrealistic. There is no registration on the site, which should alert everyone. Money-paying sites have several levels of protection, and here even registration on the site is not provided. From the lantern I answer questions, and there are only 3. I’m here and the money’s divorce begins. I am rushed to order a payment, threatening that the money may go back to the sender. And so, I was credited 24 850 USD, which is already strange, since I did not go through any surveys and, accordingly, I could not earn any money from them. And then everything is standard. Allegedly, an operator is being connected to me, which, in fact, is not and cannot be on this site. This lie operator writes a text that will be the same for everyone, as well as the amount of money accrued. This is the author’s workpiece and he will not change it for each individual person. And then I have to make a choice how to get the money. There are three of them and the first of them is unavailable. I am invited to receive money by transferring to a card, paying $ 29.9 or paying for delivery by a courier worth $ 51.74. And the first and second way is a divorce. No one here pays any money. I try to get the money with the help of a courier and me for payment, it beautifully redirects to the payment system of the fraudulent service e-pay.group, where I have to pay not money delivery, but just transfer my money to the fraudster's account, on this service. And this is only the first payment, since the author after the first payment off the hook will not let me out, trying to milk my pockets in full. I will show all this a little below.

Money Compensation scam does not pay.

Money Compensation was invented, created and actively promoted by a scammer working on the service under the pseudonym descensus. During the day, the site of this scammer was already visited by 15,770 people and 44 people decided to try their luck by simply voluntarily giving him 40,256 rubles. And this is only the beginning of the long road of this scam across the Internet.

And then everything will happen according to the plan of the fraudster. If a person begins to pay, then the author will try to get as much money as possible from him. For this, he came up with 14 additional payments, and these payments will appear like a snowball after the next payment. And so, he named all his services the same way. Therefore, for lovers of easy money, you need to get ready to pay: Money compensation-29.99, 51.74, 25.07, 15.12, 24.08, 09.09, 16.12, 20.9, 23.88, 31.84, 36.02, 27.86, 21.89 and 35.02 $. But here it is useless to pay for something. On this site, only the author, his partners in the service and the admin of the service earn money. All the rest are their sponsors, that is, they fly past the money like plywood over Paris, gaining a headache and a feeling of deep disappointment. But to reproach here you need only yourself and no one else. In all their troubles, people are to blame for themselves. Money does not need to be looked for, it needs to be learned to earn. No one on the Internet gives away money for nothing. See screenshots for more details.

Findings. Money Compensation is a commonplace scam, a scam, cheating people, scamming them for big money and fraud on an especially large scale. I think that I told in detail and clearly and showed the whole mechanism that the fraudster uses in order to raise people for as much money as possible. After all, he does not pay anyone and nothing on this site. Before us is a site created by the author for personal enrichment. And he needs people only as cash cows, ready to carry his money to him on a silver platter.

It may already be enough to look for manna from heaven. If you want to learn how to make money in proven products, there is everything for this. You only need your desire to start, and you will learn everything. All in your hands. Testing courses we continue. Go and see work courses in proven products.

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