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Money Transfer Payment notice No. 24247 reviews

I have seen a lot of scam in my lifetime, but I have met a similar one for the first time. The site consists of only one page, and the author submitted it with a Money Transfer notification. Well, would the mail really start to send people notifications via the Internet, using questionable communication channels. This is nonsense and you should always pay attention to it. Therefore, in this short review, I will show the whole essence of this deceitful site.

Money Transfer Payment notice No. 24,247 review.

Money Transfer Payment notice No. 24247 – this is a banal scam, a scam, deceiving people, scamming them for a lot of money and fraud on an especially large scale. Let's start with the site. It consists of only one page and this is a fact. On this page I see a notification allegedly Express mail. It informs me that the storage period expires on September 11, 2019. It turned out that this transfer came on July 20, 2019, but they did not deliver it to me. And they simply could not do this, since the site was created only today. In short, this is a money transfer from Prize @ Email. Allegedly, on this fraudulent site, I took a survey and did not take the money for it. Yes, such a scam on the Internet is illuminated and I wrote a review on it, but did not participate in this divorce. Well, then everything is predicted. It turned out that at the moment the amount receivable is: $ 27,732 and includes:

  • Remuneration for passing the survey in the amount of: $ 17,262.
  • 13% income tax: $ 2,264.
  • Forfeit for failure to deliver: $ 8,206.

And this notification was not delivered from the post office, that is, from their side there was a delay in delivery time by 29 days. How do you like this message. Everything is clear to me, but not everyone will understand the author’s trick. Money is big and everyone wants to get it. But there is nothing to receive. This is an ordinary drawing, and it is the same for everyone and the amounts do not change, since this is virtual money, that is, they are not. After all, this is a scam and here everything is predictable.

And then, as simple as that. I am offered to receive this translation in one of 3 ways. In the office of Money Transfer, but this function is not available to me. By transfer to a card for $ 36 and a courier for $ 76. All this is complete nonsense and do not try to pay anything. I’m trying to pay for delivery by courier, and I am beautifully redirected to the payment system of the e-pay.group service, where I have to pay not Money Transfer, but directly to the fraudster and his account, on this fraudulent service. And this is just the beginning. There will be a continuation, and you will see it a little lower.


The essence of the site is disclosed in the disclaimer. Its author has placed at the very bottom of this page and everyone, starting to use the site agrees with him. Therefore, I will make small clippings from it.

“All statements and examples of generating income on the site pochtarus.xyz (hereinafter the Site) are just assumptions about upcoming or current income, and are not a guarantee of their receipt. You take all the risks of not receiving the income described in the examples.

This disclaimer states that you give your consent to the fact that the site is not responsible for your erroneous decisions regarding the receipt of income, services or other materials that are posted on this site … ".

That is, the author directly warns everyone that he does not pay anything to this site and does not pay anyone.

Money Transfer Payment notice No. 24,247 reviews.

There are no reviews on this site. In addition, experts have not yet seen this fraudulent site, and therefore it is almost impossible to find reviews on the Internet. The site is new and it has not yet had time to light up on the Internet. But tomorrow there will be plenty of reviews. Therefore, this review will be the first stone in the garden of a fraudster and you can consider it the most negative review that can only be written on this scam and the scam of people for money.

Website https://posttrack24.xyz/#/

Do not forget that scammers are on the alert and often change website addresses and company names. Therefore, remember the characters and cabinets, so that later, all this could be determined. The main thing is attentiveness.

The domain is registered to a private person and during its registration the author hid the date of registration of this site and all the data about himself, simply by connecting the privacy settings. But the domain was registered specifically for this scam hosted by CloudFlare, Inc. – United States, California, San Francisco at IP address Again, the scam is registered on this hosting, that is, hosting by scammers is very popular. I look at search engines and see that search robots saw and indexed this site only today, that is, 08/20/2019 and it was today that the author put it up for sale on the fraudulent e-pay.group service. What kind of payments can we talk about, if it is a payment acceptance service and it pays no money to anyone. That is, this service can only receive payments, but not pay. The conclusion is clear and no doubt. The author simply breds everyone for money, promising payments, which in fact cannot be.



Money Transfer Payment notice No. 24,247 divorce, fraud and scam.

Money Transfer Payment notice No. 24247 invented, created and successfully promotes a scammer who works here under the pseudonym dendy on a fraudulent service. And so, the site exists for less than two hours, and 8773 people have already visited it and 46 people believed in a beautiful fairy tale about big money, and these people just gave the fraudster 155,159 rubles. But this is only the beginning of a long journey of this work across the Internet.

And then everything will happen according to the standard scheme. A person pays for a delivery method, but instead of money, he receives the following message with a proposal to pay for an incomprehensible pairing of a personal account. And the author came up with 10 such non-existent services and they will appear in a certain sequence after the next payment. And so on ad infinitum, that is, you will have to pay further for the services that the scammer called in one word Service Payment-35.82, 75.62, 43.78, 87.56, 179.1, 159.2, 286.56, 398, 318.4, 398$. And all this money is smoothly deposited on the accounts of the fraudster, his service partners and the service admin. People for them act as donors and they will receive a prize in the form of a big cookie under the nose and a headache from the fact that you turned out to be suckers. Therefore, my advice to you. First of all, think with your head and do not chase easy money. There is no easy money on the Internet, and never will be. Money should not be sought, but earned, but this is the topic of another article. Moreover, you know very well that you did not participate in this scam called “Prize @ Email” and your money cannot be on it.




Findings. Money Transfer Payment notice No. 24247 – this is a banal scam, a scam, deceiving people, scamming them for a lot of money and fraud on an especially large scale. On this site, no one pays anyone and therefore my advice is always valid. Close your site faster and leave. Thanks to this, you will not lose money and will please yourself and your family by the fact that you can please something. Do not throw money, it is not so easy for everyone. And stop feeding the scammers. They did not deserve your money.

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Leave feedback, share on social networks. Only you can help save the next victims from scammers. Help, together we are strength.


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