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QNET – real reviews about the MLM company

QNET is an MLM company that has been operating in the market for a long time. The network business has long been settled in Russia and the CIS countries, and continues to gain momentum. Many of these companies are full of beautiful slogans, but in reality they are those scammers and sly people who deceive people into their sect. And today I would like to review and talk about Qnet, as well as show real reviews of deceived people who, thanks to the scammers of this company, have lost a lot of money. This is a very cunning and treacherous "beast", so read my disclosure carefully so as not to fall for their bait either in reality or in the future.

QNET review.

Website https://www.qnet.net

In fact, Qnet dates back to 1998. At first it was called Goldquest, and later was renamed Questnet. The founders of the company are Vijay Esfaron and Joseph Bismarck. A company was created in Hong Kong, where its office was, but over time, it managed to put its tentacles around the world and acquire international status. In the CIS, this sharashkina office appeared only in 2009, and in Russia for the first time they heard about it in 2010. But still, most of the members of this sect are, oddly enough, in Kazakhstan. At least, it is from there that the most active advertising of the project comes, as well as reviews.

It does not make sense to search for documents, since the company has been operating for a very long time and, accordingly, all the documentation in it is normal. Therefore, I will skip this section in the investigation.

The official Qnet website says that the company is one of the leading direct sales companies in Asia. Like most MLM companies, Qnet is engaged in the retail sale of goods via the Internet, such as dietary supplements, watches, jewelry, cosmetics, t-shirts, etc. And in order to increase its sales (and therefore revenues), the company began to work on the principle of network marketing. That is, anyone can become a member of Qnet, regardless of knowledge and skills. To do this, he just needs to sell the above goods, for which he will receive his percentage. But here the network principle works in full. Therefore, by attracting other people to this “business” you can additionally receive a percentage already from their sales. And so on several levels in depth, but the interest you receive will already be much less. Such sellers and referrals in MLM companies are called independent representatives.

A bit of history. The company’s problems began to arise very quickly and in many countries this office was recognized as a financial pyramid and banned in the territory of their country. This happened in Canada, the USA, Australia, Indonesia, Iran, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan. In the press of Russia and Kazakhstan there were a lot of revealing materials about the activities of Qnet, and in these materials the company appeared precisely as a financial pyramid. But, despite this, the company continues to exist.

If you look closely at the company itself, then at first glance it is a regular network business. In addition, in technical terms, everything works. If you buy a product, then you will definitely receive it. It is just that they will sell you goods at a price 10 times overvalued, and this product will be of very dubious quality. If you sell any product of the company, then you will definitely receive a commission.

Why do many people consider the company a financial pyramid and a scam, because everything works? The fact is that not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance. Companies attribute many sins. There are illegal financial activities and money laundering, and much more. At one time, company employees in many countries came under heavy pressure and some of them went to prison. If you analyze the essence of earnings, then you yourself can understand that this is the usual pumping of money and brainwashing.

QNET scam and financial pyramid.

We proceed directly to the scheme of work in the company. Everything is simple here and if you read everything carefully, then you will evaporate any desire to work there. But everything can be and there is such an opportunity that this is exactly what you need. To become a full-fledged representative and get the opportunity to earn you first need to buy goods from the company for $ 2,000. True, this product is several times cheaper, but for that it is an MLM company to sell people shit at the price of gold. And now you can already start earning. To make money, you must sell the goods to the same suckers to get your commission. What do you think, many will be willing to part with such an amount and receive goods that nobody needs? I think that finding those who wish will not be easy. But there are training methods for this, how to breed a sucker for money and at the same time start to earn money yourself. They will teach you this, but not everyone is given this skill and 98% of people are guaranteed to remain with their interests.

The meaning of the whole divorce is as follows. You must buy the company's products supposedly so that you yourself try the products on yourself before offering them to others. In addition, this is also done in order to prove that you will really work in this "prestigious" company, because you kind of leave a deposit of $ 2,000. Why is such a large amount? According to the creators of the pyramid, it’s not enough to buy some lotion for $ 50, since it is impossible to prove that you seriously intend to work. It is by purchasing goods worth at least $ 2,000 that you are guaranteed not to give up this sharashkin office and will really work tirelessly. If you translate into rubles, then you should throw about 130,000 rubles into the wind. Otherwise, you will not be able to earn here in the future.

And then the classics of the genre, that is, the MLM company in action. After you have bought products and become a representative, you need to recruit two more people in the sect who will also buy goods for $ 2,000 each. And your reward from these people will be only $ 200, since most of the money will go to a structure that is higher than you. Do you think this is fair? I think not. After all, someone who did not put any effort into this will receive many times more.

And the network business would not be like that if it all ended there. Further, you will have to train to breed suckers of their partners, so that they also invite people to this project. Without this, there will be no progress. That is, you cannot even recapture your money. And if these partners find other suckers who are ready to throw $ 2,000 each in the trash, then you will also receive a reward, only much less than $ 200. That is, you must build your structure in the form of a pyramid.

But this is not all the problems that you may have. In order to get a commission, it’s not enough just to sell suckers products. It is necessary that the balance of the sales chain is maintained. What does this mean? Everything is simple and clear. If only one of your partners will purchase goods for the required amount, and the second, for example, will purchase products for only $ 500, then you will not receive your commission. And all due to the fact that the second partner did not fulfill the plan, which means that the sales balance has not been met.

The same is true in the whole structure. And how can you find out what is happening there and how much is the acquisition made? After all, you will not be in contact with these people. Therefore, in any case, you will have to not only take care of your direct partners, but also help them, breed more and more suckers who will part with their hard-earned money, for the sake of useless hours or cheap t-shirts that cost a lot in retail. This is how a person falls into bondage, that is, becomes a hostage to the network structure.

QNET products.

Now let's talk a little about the company's products. The assortment of goods is quite diverse, but (let's say) illiquid. See for yourself:

  • Biologically active additives;
  • Water Filters ($ 1,000);
  • Swiss watches (800-2500 dollars);
  • T-shirts ($ 100 with delivery);
  • Jewelry (up to $ 3,000);
  • Business courses (600 dollars);
  • Tours (about 2000 dollars).

I will repeat a little. In order to become an independent representative, you must buy any goods from the range of at least $ 2,000. And nobody needs these goods at all. After all, watches that offer to buy for $ 2,000 or 130,000 rubles can be purchased on any market for $ 200 and are not steamed.

Next is the brainwashing, so that you can brainwash the potential victim, that is, another sucker. It’s not so easy to force someone to buy incomprehensible products for that kind of money. Therefore, you have to strain a little. That is, independent representatives arrange 2-3 interviews for each potential candidate for a money divorce. There they tell the whole essence of this profession, and at the same time they brainwash you to catch them on the hook. You will be told about the "golden mountains" that you will receive in the company. In addition, they will convince you that you are a true leader and will very soon become a real businessman and thanks to this, life will be transformed beyond recognition. You will constantly travel instead of working for an uncle. In fact, it’s for Uncle you who are trying to get you to work. Only this uncle is far away.

In short, this is called casting bait. Many people swallow the hook they prepared and join the ranks of independent representatives of the financial pyramid. But not everyone has $ 2,000 for the purchase of goods. What to do in this case? And here the art of money divorce is already applied. They will try to convince you to take a loan from a bank or to make an apartment or a car as a security. And motivation is standard here. The promise is made of quick money making and loan repayment.

In the company itself, they will already tell us something else, namely that it is forbidden to impose loans. But she is a sect and a sect in Africa. And therefore, representatives will persuade to find money by any means. But most importantly, people dutifully go to the bank, and take 130,000 rubles on credit, not realizing that they will not earn this money. After all, not everyone knows how to sell goods, and even at such sky-high prices. To do this, you need to have a special type of thinking and ability that not everyone can develop.

I would not be able to offer Qnet products, because I perfectly know their real value. In addition, for me this is unacceptable and I will never deal with divorce. It’s just that education and conscience will not allow me to do this. But for some, all this morality is useless, and they are ready to earn huge amounts of money by stepping out unnecessary trash by simply walking over the corpses.

If you pecked at the bait, then for starters they will offer to invite friends and relatives. Moreover, you need to ring out your near and dear ones right with them, and representatives will tell you how to sell unnecessary goods correctly. Look around. MLM nouveau riche can be seen from afar, because no one communicates with them. So you get your friends so much that they simply stop communicating with you. And even if one of them can be lured into this office, then later they themselves will realize that they were stupid, yielding to your persuasion. And guaranteed, you will definitely not be the best friends.

If suddenly you do not succumb to brainwashing from independent representatives, you will learn a lot about yourself. In particular, they will tell you that you will remain a loser who works for his uncle. Or they will tell you that you are a coward and that you are simply afraid of change. Well, in the appendage they will tell you that with such thinking you will never achieve your goals. As they say, in war all means are good. Sometimes this affects potential customers, and they still decide on a loan and entry into this sect. And then, when they realize that they themselves are not able to lure other people, they simply begin to regret their weakness, because they are left with an outstanding loan that needs to be repaid somehow.

QNET reviews.

Well then. Now let's look at the reviews of real people about Qnet. As expected in this situation, opinions were divided. Some say that this is a cool innovative company, while others say that it is a scam and a scam for money. Positive reviews are written and filmed by the company's leaders, that is, its employees. It’s easy for people who went through the school of fooling at MLM companies to recruit anyone. And such people have big structures, big rank and they get a lot of money. Therefore, they write reviews on the Internet about how quickly their lives changed after they became independent representatives of Qnet. It is they who talk about their travels, changes in style, the purchase of expensive cars. Therefore, their reviews, I do not recommend believing. But the Internet is full of negative reviews. Therefore, I will not speak for people, but rather I will post these reviews on your review. And these are real reviews about the project and I advise them to believe it, since they are taken from a site where there is no censorship of the company or its employees. And there are a lot of such reviews. This is the Otzovik site. You can read at your leisure.


Why do many people consider Qnet a scam and a scam? All this is natural, since people did not get what they expected.

  • To become a representative, you need to buy Qnet products for at least $ 2,000. And all this is mandatory.
  • The goods are obviously sold at inflated prices, and I doubt that you will need them at all.
  • In order to earn $ 200, you need to bring two people who will also buy goods worth at least $ 2,000 each.
  • It is imperative to keep a balance so that the partners of your partners also purchase goods worth at least $ 2,000.
  • The company uses NLP methods, zombifying beautiful speeches.
  • If you do not have money to buy unwanted products, you will be forced to take loans. Although all this is officially prohibited.
  • You will be encouraged to sell products to your friends and acquaintances, thus pulling them into the company. Many friends and relatives will simply stop communicating with you, considering you a fool.
  • A very small percentage of independents earn on Qnet.

Theoretically, you can even return money from Qnet. But for this you have to sell your product back to the company at a low price. Therefore, the loss of money is guaranteed to you.

I will make small totals. Is Qnet a scam? This is which side to look at. Purely from a technical point of view, this is not a scam, as the goods here are real, and having paid the money, a person will receive real goods. The company also makes payments regularly. It all depends on you. You can earn, then you will return your money. No, then say goodbye to money and consider that you sponsored someone's future.

A big minus is in the moral and human side. Everything is as in a sect:

  • Brainwashing and zombie the audience with stories about a bright future;
  • Coercion to loans;
  • The fact that you have to buy products to start a business activity is simply enraging.

If this is a business, then I am an astronaut. I can’t look at people who profit at the expense of others, not thinking about how these people live after they are so beautifully divorced. I personally met with such moral monsters that their mother would also sell for money. But if you omit the moral side, then network businessmen are also ordinary employees. But they work for someone else's international company, that is, for an uncle who does not care about our people. They sell someone else's goods and are not involved in the procurement, delivery, production and accounting. They only sell and recruit new employees. Are these businessmen? No, these are rather managers who also work for an uncle who pays them a salary.

I take network business very badly and consider it a sect that harms even more financial pyramids. At least there is no fixed fee in the pyramids and invitations are optional, although they are welcome. In MLM companies, we are forced to buy unnecessary goods at a sky-high price and recruit people into the project. Only moral freaks can do this. Therefore, I would not recommend anyone joining Qnet. Better deal with real money on the Internet.

It may already be enough to look for manna from heaven. If you want to learn how to make money in proven products, there is everything for this. You only need your desire to start, and you will learn everything. All in your hands. Testing courses we continue. Go and see work courses in proven products.

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