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Reviews Cruise Club InCruises The Truth

I think that with my review I will move the hornet’s nest and I will hear many unflattering words addressed to me. This is just my opinion about this project and I do not pretend to laurels of last resort. Everyone may disagree with my arguments and act at their discretion. But even if I manage to save money at least a few people it will already be a big plus for this review. People asked me to check the company, and I take my work very carefully and fulfill their request. The financial pyramids very skillfully zombie people and these people become inadequate in their judgments. That is, their brain is so powdered by the creators of the pyramid that they can not reason soberly. I have already seen this in the financial pyramids of Webtansfer and Cashbury. They also had a terrible stir at the beginning of their activities, but let's face it, and you yourself see where these pyramids are now and where the money of people who believed in all these tales told by the creators shared them with. Who really makes money on the pyramids? Its creators and leaders of regional offices, that is, people who created huge teams and created capital for themselves at the expense of other people. Therefore, it can be argued that the InCruises Cruise Club is a scam, a scam, a pyramid scheme, cheating people, scamming them for money and fraud. And all this I will review and try to show.

InCruises Cruise Club financial pyramid

Cruise pyramids were invented a long time ago, and by no means in Russia. Not so long ago, they were common in the United States. But today, residents of Western countries are rarely kept on promises of selling cheap cruises, as they have already been burned on this more than once. The meaning of this particular pyramid is no different from its predecessors. You need to pay an entry fee, and then still make monthly payments. In addition, it is necessary to invite new people (five friends), which is a key factor in both the development and the existence of any financial pyramid. In addition, at least one of these people must build their team of five people. The company itself does not conduct any activity, although it declares this moment. An ordinary lie is already visible here. The company has no product and therefore it sells air to people, as membership in the club is not a product.

And so the essence of the financial pyramid. All the pyramids are not created to make people, and everyone knows this. But convincing people to bypass such formations is very difficult, because the creators of the pyramids are very subtle psychologists and therefore their calculation is based on simple human greed. And in order to lure as many people into their networks as possible, various bonuses, increased interest rates, career growth, etc. are used. Let's see what inCursies promise us. There are three options for joining a club:

  • Member. If you do not want to make money, you can join inCruises as a member of the club by paying a fee of $ 100 per month.
  • Partner. You can join inCruises as an independent partner by paying a fee of $ 195 in the 1st year and $ 95 in the following years.
  • Together. You can become both a member and a partner by paying a fee of $ 295 (once a year a partnership is $ 195 and $ 100 a month membership of the club).

And then comes the psychological treatment of everyone, where they offer to join the club as a partner and member ($ 295), sign 5 people in your team, get free membership in the club and thereby begin to receive passive income. To do this, you need to build your team and start making money by advertising their wonderful club membership and amazing business opportunities.

InCruises Cruise Club Compensation Plan Review

And so, for starters, find out what kind of product we are selling. I will quote the words of the organizer in the original. “The only, most powerful element of any marketing plan is the value of the product sold. We do not know of any other product that can be compared with the "real" value of our current offer of cruise membership. " But club membership is not a product. This is nonsense. We are not offered any product, but are offered to pay for our membership. This suggests that the company does not conduct any activity, that is, it does not have any product for sale. And even a cruise trip is not mentioned here. We only pay for club membership and must make monthly contributions.

And then we look what the creators offer to stimulate employees:

The incentive is free membership, where it is proposed to simply register and support only 5 personal club members or partner club members, and then your monthly membership fee is canceled.
Incentive bonus cruise dollars. To do this, you need to earn 250 cruise dollars each time you personally connect 5 new members of the club during your calendar month of compensation.
The incentive is the quick start of new partners. To do this, you need to earn 1,250 cruise dollars, which you can use to book any cruise from the Dream Cruise incentive and a quick start bonus of $ 350USD + all other available bonuses, such as instant and cruise dollar incentive bonuses. Your goal is simple: up to 30 club members in your organization in 60 days or less from the date your partnership is activated.
Stimulus dream cruises. You can earn in full or in part 10 Dream cruises over the next 5 years, which will take you to more than 25 countries and 75 cities located in some of the most impressive places on earth. Reach the Executive Director level and you will be rewarded with an amazing Rolex watch, the epitome of luxury and style available in women's and men's designs to demonstrate your outstanding success in the company.
But then the essence of the ordinary pyramid is already revealed. For this, inCursies has developed 5 pre-programmed methods. And so, look what the creators of the project offer partners:

Daily instant bonuses. Earn instant bonuses ranging from 50 $ USD to 150 $ USD each time you personally register a new member partner of the club (who becomes both a partner and a member of the club) during the regular calendar month. But where does such generosity come from and where does the money for these bonuses come from? All the pyramids that pay such large deductions to partners burst like soap bubbles and very quickly. And bonuses come with money paid by those people whom you invited to join the club. Therefore, you are actually becoming an accomplice to the fraudster, that is, the same con man as the creator of the pyramid.

Daily residual income. The club pays you $ 5 USD to 20 levels for each membership payment you receive from any club member who connects to your affiliate team every month. And the partner receives this bonus only at the expense of people's contributions.

Weekly complicity bonuses. Earn 100% of all instant bonuses received by your personal partners as soon as they reach 5 activation points for each week.

  • Activation of a club member = 1 point
  • Club partner activation = 1 point
  • Activation of a partner club = 2 points.


Monthly global market bonus. Where they pay 5% of the total sales of the company, compared to the previous month, to all qualified leaders in equal amounts. This is a unique opportunity to redistribute or earn part of the sales made by the whole company, and not just your own team. And here you will receive accruals from the money of people who joined the club.

Ranks of achievements.


And now at the very end of this document we read an important refutation. I bring it in the original. “The revenue forecasts in this presentation have purely hypothetical goals and are not a guarantee of future performance. We used potential calculations based on a large number of assumptions that may or may not be achievable by you. Actual compensation, if any, will vary depending on a wide variety of factors, including how many participants you will directly or indirectly connect to inCruises, how long they will remain members, compensation earned in inCruises, refunds, cancellations, and a number of other factors. This information is only provided to you to demonstrate how the inCruises Compensation Program works. Success in inCruises as an independent representative will result only from successful sales and team efforts of the entire team, which require hard work, hard work, and leadership. Your success will depend on how effectively you train these qualities. Most partners will not reach the level of income presented in our examples”.

And where does the money for all this generosity come from. The answer is obvious and it is on the surface. Since the company inCruises does not conduct any activity, that is, it exists only at the expense of contributions of people and partners, it takes all the money for the activity and payment of various bonuses from people. Here is a direct proof of the financial pyramid.

InCruises Cruise Club – Divorce & Cheat

Everyone is welcome to join the club or not. For some, the pyramids are simply an earthly paradise. They are especially fond of people who know how to attract a lot of people. Indeed, at the expense of these people they receive a large amount of fat. But the goal of inCruises is not to sell you cruises, but to make money with your contributions. But as I already said, only their creators and active partners who create huge teams profit in such projects. It is for such people that the creators will always find money. But the main goal of the project is not fulfilled. Those people who first began participating in the pyramid undoubtedly not only saved on travel, but also successfully implemented it. But the longer the pyramid lives, the greater the likelihood of its collapse and closure. Sooner or later, the pyramid will burst, and you risk losing the pre-paid money that you contribute to the company every month. But it is stated in the marketing plan precisely the opportunity to get a cheap cruise trip. Cruise companies are not related to this business, that is, to this pyramid. When you are told that InCruises has free cabins, which were received due to their large financial turnover, then this is a lie and a hoax. Even companies with a turnover of $ 100 billion or more, there is no way to get some kind of mystical free cabins. The largest and most famous cruise companies have a policy not to give free cabins, and all those who are somehow involved in this type of business know this. Better cabins will remain empty, but no one will give them away for free. So where does the 50% discount on cruise payments come from? Everything is very simple. There is no discount, and never will be. The company does not conduct any activities and therefore buys cruises for your money and at full cost. It is you who all pay for the wonderful travels for the elite. But all the pyramids exist only as long as the tide of capital in them exceeds the costs of all payments under marketing plans. That is why the constant attraction of new members is required.

InCruises Cruise Club reviews.

There are very few negative reviews about the company on the Internet and there are a lot of reasons for this. The main one is the ban of the company on the distribution by its members of negative information about the company. When a person joins the club, he signs a user agreement, where it is agreed that when disseminating negative information, the person will simply be banned by the administration, without returning the contributions made earlier. This holds back people and makes the company a positive image. In addition, most of the reviews were written by leaders, that is, people who created large teams, really earn in the pyramid and were able to realize their dream after having been on a cruise trip. These people can be understood, but not many. The bulk of the club members are simply zombified by the creators of the club and believes in fairy tales, distributing almost paid reviews online in the hope of still building their team and getting at least a small piece of such a tidbit. The same thing happened at the well-known pyramids Webtansfer and Cashbury, where people didn’t even think about writing some kind of negative about the company. The same could be observed in the notorious cryptocurrency pyramids Bitconnect, DavorCoin, HexstraCoin and others. That's why inCursies only has registration in the loyal financial pyramids of the United States. It is the states of Texas, Indiana and New York, which are fighting an irreconcilable fight against this phenomenon and have not given permission to register this company, since the financial regulators of these states are really in their place and are trying to protect their citizens from scammers. Therefore, it is undesirable to believe reviews, since they can all be called either paid or zombie people wrote them, which is almost the same thing. And all the video reviews were recorded by people who are the leaders of the teams and really were able to realize their dream. It does not shine for you.

Findings. InCruises Cruise Club is a scam, a scam, a pyramid scheme, cheating people, scamming them for money and fraud. You can bring a bunch of arguments that will not be in favor of the company. But I think this is not worth it. A smart person will understand and pass by, and we have a lot of suckers, and I have long been convinced of this. But you don’t need a special mind to understand that free cheese only happens in a mousetrap and only for a second mouse. Otherwise, there would be no financial pyramids. And since there are people who are 100% ready to be deceived, then these pyramids will continue to exist. It does not matter in what status – the classic pyramid, in the form of cruise clubs, shared construction, etc. I think that many have already lost their illusions, and they realized that in the financial pyramid, most people have no future. Well, for suckers, it can be argued, or rather more precisely, that their destiny is to lose all their contributions and again look for new scam. I know that a lot of negative statements from zombie people will fly in my direction. After all, financial pyramids are created by very erudite people who are able to ignite the crowd with their own ideas, excellent speakers and, of course, ideal psychologists. These people know how to manipulate the crowd and it turns into a herd, which meekly follows its guide.

It may already be enough to look for manna from heaven. If you want to learn how to make money in proven products, there is everything for this. You only need your desire to start, and you will learn everything. All in your hands. Testing courses we continue. Go and see work courses in proven products.

Leave feedback, share on social networks. Only you can help save the next victims from scammers. Help, together we are strength.

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