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Seasonal award “Like of the Year” reviews

This scam is not the first time collecting tribute from gullible people. And so, the fraudster changed the name, his nickname on the service and the link to the site. Therefore, there may be some inconsistencies that do not change the essence of this work of a swindler.

Seasonal award "Like of the Year" review.

As a fraudster, he clearly came up with everything. Having visited the site, you already see your photo and they inform you that on February 9, 2019 at 19:48 you put Like on record ID: 36139273 on the social network. This like was chosen by one of the winners of the "Like of the Year" 2019 Prize during a random selection and you are entitled to a prize of $ 100 to $ 5,000. Seasonal award "Like of the Year" is a scam, cheating people, scamming them for money and fraud. All this is visible at a glance. It turns out that the Seasonal award "Like of the Year" has been announcing the winners 5 times already. Traditionally, from the last week of February to the middle of March, they begin to pay cash prizes to the winners. It’s just interesting where all this happened and who received the payments, if the site had just appeared on the Internet and until that time there was not a single mention of it. Everything will become clear a little later and I will show you what the scammer really came up with in order to entice money from you and thereby improve my financial situation.

Seasonal award "Like of the Year" 2019 reviews.

You can’t read the reviews, because people didn’t write them. All reviews were written by the author and people didn’t even see them, just like the site itself. This is easy to verify by carefully reading all the reviews. All of them are written in the same style using the same unique expressions, which is direct evidence that one person wrote the reviews and this is the author of this work. People here are the same victims as everyone else, since their names are used by fraudsters to deceive other people. And so, all the reviews on this site are fake and you can’t believe them.

Website https://soc-return.fun/

Do not forget that scammers are on the alert and often change website addresses and company names. Therefore, remember the characters and cabinets, so that later, all this could be determined. The main care

The date of registration of the domain, as well as all data about the person who registered him as a fraud, is hidden. But the site itself is registered to an individual on a hosting Avguro Technologies Ltd. Hosting service provider – Russia, Moscow to IP address So, when is the site registered? It is not difficult to verify by search. The first mention of this site is dated 16.08.2019 and it was on this day that the site was put up for sale on the e-pay.group service. This is exactly the date of birth of the site. So, where were the prizes from the previous five years? Here is the proof that no one handed out anything and this fraudulent site was created purely for the purpose of divorcing people for money, and it pays nothing to anyone. Further, all this will be even more transparent. I will prove to you that there is no website, but there is a wanderer specifically designed to divorce people for money.


Seasonal award "Like of the Year" reviews divorce and fraud.

Next, I need to check how much I won. Everything happens quickly and a scammer tells me that my winnings amounted to $ 4335. Just do not rejoice much. This money is virtual and it actually does not exist. For the most stupid, I’ll say that this amount will be with you. Here, even a fortuneteller does not need to be called. Everything will be predictable and you will see it further.

I will try to withdraw this money. Then everything happens, as in many scams. I’m hooked up with an operator who is not really there. I see simple animated pictures where my name and surname are already imprinted. And then the money divorce begins. I need to enter the details of a card or electronic wallet. I will not do this, because here my data will go to a scammer. I leave all the fields empty and everything passes. And so, as in all scam further the beginning of a money divorce. They tell me that I have to pay for currency conversion and only then, withdraw money. Remember, you will have the same message even if you enter your dollar card details. But when I try to pay for the conversion, I get to the payment system of the e-pay.group service, where I already have to pay the fraudster, and not the service or company. This is just the beginning of a divorce. To be continued unambiguously, and I already know this.




Seasonal award "Like of the Year" scam does not pay.

The Seasonal award "Like of the Year" was invented, created and promoted on the service by a fraudster who has not yet shone with such divorces. But the spool is small, but expensive. He is just starting his fraud activity under the pseudonym alekschen2. Everything is ahead of him, but nothing will happen for you, except for the loss of money. See for yourself and very carefully. Here it all begins. In less than two days, the website of the fraudster was already visited by 15,743 people and 57 people simply gave the money to the fraudster in the amount of 69,895 rubles. This already suggests that these people are simple suckers who wanted to get what they did not earn. But everything is easy to calculate and analyze, which most people do not. And so on, the money divorce will continue. Having paid once, everyone gets on regular payments for non-existing services and will pay the fraudster for: REGISTRATION FEE PAYMENT-$ 29.85, FIRST TRANSFER FEE-39.8 $, SECOND TRANSFER FEE-37.81 $, WINNINGS REGISTRATION-31.84 $, PERSONAL ACCOUNT OPENING-33.83 $, PERSONAL ACCOUNT ACTIVATION-35.82 $, INSTANT WITHDRAWAL-41.79 $, DIGITAL SIGNATURE-45.77 $, TRANSFER DATA VERIFICATION-$ 43.78, RESERVE A TRANSFER-47.76 $, ACTIVATE RESERVATION-51.74 $, IDENTTOL-$ 45.77, CONTACT SUPPORT AGENT-49.75 $ and IMMEDIATE WITHDRAWAL-53.73 $. If anyone wants to try to get money for a ball, then he will not succeed. Now I think you already understood the scale of a money divorce. Further, writing is not worth anything. This site does not pay anyone and will not pay. Its purpose is clear at a glance. Here you will be bred for money.







Findings. Seasonal award "Like of the Year" is a scam, cheating people, scamming them for money and fraud. It is 100% proven. If in doubt, you can try to give money to a scammer. I put everything on the shelves and showed that this site does not pay and will not pay for one reason. There is no money on the site. It was created for what you would pay. But even if you have enough money to pay everything, you will not get anything. No winnings exist. This is a fiction invented by a fraudster. You can’t make money here because no Seasonal award "Like of the Year" exists and cannot exist. Let's grow up and turn on the head. On the Internet, no one will ever just give money. Here you can either earn or lose everything. In order to earn, you need a mind and the absence of illusions. You can go through the site along and across and you can see all the schemes that scammers use. We are trying to save you. But you are not stubbornly listening to us.

If you want to learn how to make money in proven products, there is everything for this. You only need your desire to start, and you will learn everything. All in your hands. Testing courses we continue. Go and see work courses in proven products.

Leave feedback, share on social networks. Only you can help save the next victims from scammers. Help, together we are strength.

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  1. Yes you are right. As of the moment I was cheated in this proces I pass the 4 level and it tooks up to 175 $ and I had just 200 $ so I couldn't make it to the next level. But when I looked closely to the process and read your article I realize I has been cheated. It was a very bad experience it is just unfair. How can a person do this to others if he is a human. I lost 175 $ which I earn every 1 hour just 5 $ so if you divided into 175 the result is 35 hour. It is my two week work.


  2. вое ета мои данни ….как можна вся ета денги 

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